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I've played competitive sport my whole life so fitness has always played a massive part. I also served 7 fantastic years in the  British Army, where your level of fitness had to be of a high standard. 

After the army my career changed and I spent 2 years as a close protection officer, amazing job but not great if you have family.

I've been working and studying fitness now for the last 8 years and ran a boot camp for 7 years.


With over 8 years experience in the industry and five thousand hours spent in coaching and instructing. I've helped lots of people, of all shapes, sizes, ages and ambitions reach their goals through fitness and nutrition. 

I have a simple philosophy, if you want it enough you can achieve it, this has come from my experience as a trainer. I like nothing more than to help people feel great about themselves and excited about their future.


My vision and goal in health and fitness. Stop making health and fitness so confusing for people to understand with mixed messages. I really want the people that follow me to have the confidence in their training and nutrition to know what they're doing is right. I want to reach as many people as possible with my simple message 'If you want it you can have it'. I believe with the right guidance and help everyone can have better health and wellness without things being complicated.





Does it matter that I've never exercised before?

No, everyone has to start somewhere and it's our aim to make everyone feel comfortable starting out.

Could I trial a session to see if it's for me?

Yes, you can come and try a session

I'm overweight could I still do it?

Absolutely, our training sessions are for everybody regardless of size, shape, ability and age.

I'm already fit will it challenge me?

Absolutely, the biggest benefit of the training is it challenges every level of fitness from beginner to fitness enthusiast.

If I want Personal training can I do it from home?


we can train anywhere. We can come to you or take you to a gym we use or just train outside.we can train anywhere. We can come to you or take you to a gym we use or just train outside.

 I’ve struggled in the past with PT’s always moving my sessions about or not having consistent slots. Can you provide consistent sessions?

Yes once you've booked your times with us you keep them for the duration of time you spend with us.


I’ve been training with Coxy now for 8 weeks and couldn’t be happier with my progress and our sessions! Coxy is great at motivating me to work hard and keep in mind my goals. I’m enjoying it so much I plan to continue into next year! He gives great support outside my sessions too.

Hayley Dumpleton

Michael is always mixing up my routines which I enjoy, as I never get bored of training. He has a massive repertoire of exercises, which always challenge me physically. Despite his army background the verbal coaching he gives is instructive and motivational – not the shouty stuff you might expect from the movies. I have been doing private sessions with him now for 18 months and he is still pulling out new ideas.

Richard Chapman

Coxy is a fantastic coach, I’m on my third week with the group sessions and already noticing a very positive change in my body and mind! Every session has been different so it never gets boring. The 6am sessions are perfect for me and they definitely set me up for the day. I’ve quit the gym as it’s a waste of my money and time, I find 3 sessions over 1 week with Fired Up Fitness is all I need and worth every single penny. It’s so good my teenager son has joined and he is very hard to please let alone waking up at the crack of dawn! A big 5 stars and thumbs up from me! 

Jo Morin

I'm not keen on exercise but wanted to improve my health. My husband got Michael round and I really enjoyed his sessions at home. He was very knowledgeable and made an exercise novice like me really comfortable. The training was varied so didn't I didn't get bored.

Hyacinth Bogle

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