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Tracking is a powerful tool for increasing how much you move each day. Research shows that people who track their progress are far more likely to reach their goals. Here are just a few reasons why:

1)  Just measuring your activity can push you to move more. When you keep track of how much you spend on food, you dine out less. When you watch how many glasses of water you drink each week, you drink more. It’s human nature. By merely measuring your activity, you should see an improvement. 

2) Tracking helps you figure out where you’re currently at, which is the first step in figuring out whether you’re making progress. It can also help you set a realistic goal. 

3) Once you’ve figured out your baseline, keeping track will help you measure your improvement. This is crucial because celebrating your wins, even the small ones, is a big part of keeping your confidence and motivation high. Tracking gives you something to celebrate and pushes you to keep progressing toward your goal. 

4) People who track know immediately when they’ve stopped making progress. This helps because it allows you to course-correct. You can figure what went wrong and why.  

5) People who track stay on track because they’re paying attention to their behaviour. You’ll notice that tracking is a bit of chore at first, but that’s kind of the point. It forces you to pay attention to the behaviour you’re trying to change. It keeps it at the top of your mind and doesn’t allow you to push it down your list of priorities. Of course, over time, tracking consistently does get easier, and soon you’ll be spending less time thinking about it and more time just doing it. 

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